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Former legislative hopeful Greg Kraut forms economic think tank By NEIL VIGDOR| HARTFORD COURANT

Greg Kraut is trying to dispel the notion that you need an honorific before your name to make a difference in Connecticut.

The real estate development and management executive from Westport, who was the unsuccessful GOP challenger in the 136th House District race last fall, has formed a think tank. It’s called the Economic Policy Project.

“Many people, both Democrats and Republicans, reached out to me after the election to continue helping our state, and they also wanted a platform to enact real change,” Kraut said. “We are harnessing all of the social capital of our most intelligent citizens to be put to work. We want to give the state’s government officials the tools to make smart financial decisions and encourage them to use as a non-partisan resource."

Kraut serves on the Representative Town Meeting in Westport. He’s managing partner of K Property Group, which he founded in 2017.

Among Kraut’s positions is raising the minimum wage, but not to $15 an hour, as Gov. Ned Lamont supports. He said it should be pegged to approximately 50 percent of the local median wage.

“The median wage in the Hartford Metro area is roughly $22, so we should be at approximately $12,” Kraut wrote on the think tank’s website. “Contrast this to the federal minimum wage, which is too low at $7.”

Neil Vigdor

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